Here we are send us as your missionaries to Botswana

We are on our way to Botswana to serve with our student ministry. As staff of Campus Crusade we want to invest our lives in helping to meet people’s deepest needs and we believe their deepest needs are spiritual in nature. The Lord has called Gracious and I to help equip and develop students to help reach the world for Christ.

We are grateful for a growing team of ministry partners who have faithfully served with us since 2002. Many have grown spiritually through their participation in prayer, financial investments and even direct ministry involvement.

It is CCC’s policy to have all the staffs’ personal and ministry budget met through their partners so that they can also give undivided attention to the ministry that God has called us to.

Currently, we have most of our needs being met on a regular basis by our current team of partners.  We however need an additional $1 500 in monthly support to continue effectively in ‘fulltime’ ministry. Therefore we are trusting God or about 15 people to invest about $100 per month.

As we move to Botswana the following is our list of special needs/items that we are trusting the Lord for.

Relocation costs:

Transport                                                         $650

Settling in ( hse, furniture etc)                          $2500

Permits                                                               $200

Insurance                                                            $250

Car                                                                       $5000

Total: $8610

We are trusting God for a one time gift in Cash or in Kind to meet the above expenses.

We desire to complete this process as soon so that we can report to our ministry assignment.

Can we count on you to be among the 15 who will support us in the most significant task God has given us? Would you prayerfully consider joining our team by giving a donation of $100 or some other amount? If you would like please visit our Contributions page

Please keep us in your prayers, this is definitely a time of faith development while we are trusting God to provide.